himalmedia (pl)

Himalmedia (pl) is the leading Nepali media company that publishes for two premium periodicals: Himal Khabarpatrika and Nepali Times.

They are trend-setting. They have become an important source of information and analysis for hundreds of thousands of Nepalis in Nepal and abroad.

The publications serve an agenda-setting role in politics, economics, business and socio-cultural issues within Nepal. They also offer a window on Nepal for expatriates diplomats and the development community. Academicians, analysts, policymakers and general readers the world over rely on Himalmedia for credibility and professionalism.

Himalmedia publications reach out to readers in over 30 countries while its web-sites record over 4,500,000 hits per year, providing advertisers a personal, proactive, high-impact and unlimited market outreach worldwide. These publications have offered a powerful platform for advertisers and campaigners, and have been the preferred medium for thousands of satisfied customers who have successfully reached out to a broad spectrum of clients, both in Nepal and abroad.

Various organisations have used this medium for sensitisation campaigns and dissemination of public information. They have found that Himalmedia products offer cost-effective exposure with long shelf-life resulting with raised levels of awareness leading to desired change in perception.

Himalmedia's cutting advantage is derived from its access to a majority of the reading public in Nepal. This quality readership offers the best chance for
maximum dissemination.

himalmedia private limited