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Himal Khabarpatrika

Himal Khabarpatrika
, a Nepali-language magazine, is a premiere weekly in the country. It is the only news magazine in the northern half of the Subcontinent, which uses the liberal values of journalism to reach out to a 'vernacular' audience. It has developed a choice following of both the rural and urban intelligentsia, maintaining credibility and an inclusive editorial 'voice'. While its readership spans the country, Nepalis worldwide also read it, including the opinion-forming and decision-making classes and the vernacular-elite. Khabarpatrika's share is a sizeable chunk of the vernacular reading population of Nepal, and the 'quality' of that readership, means that the message does get maximum dissemination..


Nepali Times

Every Friday, Nepali Times carries expert analysis, in-depth reporting and human interest stories on rural development, travel and culture that readers have come to expect from the paper. In addition, however, Nepali Times now also carries a 8-page special middle section called 'Buzz' that features happenings around town, lighter articles, profiles, interviews, restaurant and gadget reviews, movie updates and a health section.

We are sure that the Buzz section creates a new buzz. It complements the world class content and production values of Nepali Times with a superbly produced and designed weekly supplement that draws a sophisticated, inspirational and younger English-speaking readership.

All the content of Nepali Times also appears on the paper's popular and high-profile online edition. With a 'digital first' policy, nepalitimes.com has become a trusted must-read for an up-market English readership in Nepal, the Nepali diaspora and also for a worldwide reader base of people interested in Nepal.



is one the leading online news portals available in Nepali language. It provides a in-depth and credible coverage on politics and daily events. Within a short period of it's launch, Himalkhabar has gained a reliability among Nepalis worldwide for minute-by-minute news update across the country.


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